Amado P. Imper, Yung Oh Shin, Rafael J.Padre, Lope T. Buen, Ernesto E. Sayson Jr., Christian Louie B. Adora


This study evaluated the performance of Hydrokinetic Floating Turbine (RHK)specifically on its voltage output and turbine efficiency. It was carried out at the upstream main canal of the Chico River Irrigation System of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA-UPCRIS) whose available stream flow velocity during the conduct of the study is ranging from 1.2 to 1.8 m/sec. The River Hydrokinetic Turbine (RHK) was assembled at KSU while theinstallation and evaluation were done under the said available stream flow velocity of the main canal.Result showed that at available stream flow velocity, the turbine turned at a maximum of 72 rev/min and produced voltage output of 215 V. The turbine efficiency is 40%. Using the torque curve the power output was 3 kW. This study demonstrated that flowing river streams, and artificial water channels in Kalinga is a viable source of renewable energy even without the use of special head or dam as required by conventional hydro power system.

Keywords: Hydrokinetic Floating Turbine, Kalinga State University, Chico River, upstream canal, electro-mechanical devices

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