Ethel Jovy M. Garcia


The study  determined the predictors of career success of the BSED-English major graduates of the College of Teacher Education, Kalinga State University for school year 2012- 2014. This was limited only to the profile of the graduates gathered in the given questionnaire and the profile of the faculty and administrators.The study utilized the descriptive method of research as it gathered the data to be able to describe, explain and validate findings.It revealed that civil status, academic performance, LET performance and nature of employment are the variables which are significantly related to their success. The computed correlation coefficients of these variables are greater that the critical value of 0.334 at significance level of 0.05 which resulted to the rejection of the null hypothesis. This means that there is a significant relationship between the profile variables and career success of the respondents. Furthermore, findings of the study revealed that age, sex, civil status, academic performance, LET performance, status of accreditation and major subjects and nature of employment are all predictors to the career success of the graduates.

 Keywords: Predictors of carreer success,BSEd English graduates, College of Education, descriptive method, academic performance

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