Jonathan A. Belandres, Ruth Ann Marie A. Aquino, Gretchen C. Dawaton, Marilyn I. Marcos


            This study determined the employability of the business degree graduates of Kalinga State University from 2015-2017. Specificallyy, it determined the personal, educational, and job placement or business profile of the graduates; identify the work-related values and skills that contributed in meeting the demands of the market; and gather graduates’ feedbacks on the relevance of the different academic courses in relation to the current market requirements. It used the descriptive and quantitative research design. A survey questionnaire was used to gather the answers of respondents and personal interviews were done to supplement the data collected.Results showed that majority of the respondents were gainfully employed locally within six (6) months after graduation as rank and file on a contractual basis with private entities. Salaries and benefits is the topmost factor considered by the graduates whether they are going to stay or leave their first jobs. The self-employed graduates were mostly micro entrepreneurs engaged in retailing and trading businesses. As for those who are currently unemployed, their reason was either to take care of their families or to upgrade themselves through skills training or pursuing advance studies.In the respondents’ assessment of the programs, communication, information technology, and problem-solving skills were deemed the most useful and highly improved competencies while entrepreneurial and critical thinking skills were the least developed competencies. Extra-curricular activities, number of optional subjects and interdisciplinary learning were identified as the strengths of the different curricula while library/laboratory and other facilities as the weaknesses.

Keywords:Graduate tracer study, College Of Business, Accountancy, Public Administration And Entrepreneurship, extra-curricular activities, descriptive design, quantitative research design.

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