Esmerlyn P. Bayangan, Paulino P. Reyes II


This study focused on the assessment of competitive stress, social confidence, and coping strategies of students during local/Regional/National culture and the arts festival competitions. It identified student participant’s anxiety or stress levels, as well as coping strategies employed that allow these students to effectively deal with these pressures. Stress levels of the respondents were also determined. The structured questionnaires were used for data gathering. The respondents were students from the Kalinga State University who participated in culture and the arts festival competitions. The findings show that KSU student participants experienced a degree of competitive anxiety before and during cultural competitions however, the respondents possessed a significant level of confidence in meeting the challenges in the competition. Further, the findings show that respondents used effective coping strategies to cope with competitive anxiety.

Keywords: Assesment of competetive stress, social confidence, coping strategies,Kalinga State University culture and the arts festival, anxiety

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