Angeline L.  Labbutan


The study determined the understanding of money literacy, spending and savings attitudes, spending and purchasing patterns among elementaryschool pupils in Kalinga. This was conducted among 384 elementary pupils who were randomly selected using multi-stage sampling involving the 7 central or big elementary schools found in the different municipalities of Kalinga and Four Central schools which are located within the City of Tabuk.  Money literacy was measured using 12 questions related to basic finance subject; savings and spending attitudes of pupils were measured using five point Likert Scale; and, spending and purchasing patterns among pupils measured with multi-choice answers. Results showed that elementary school pupils in Kalinga have moderate understanding regarding money. Most of the pupils understand only subjects involved in their daily lives but lack knowledge in other money matters which were not directly related or were not experienced by the pupils. Results furthermore showed that the savings; spending attitudes and spending and purchasing patterns of elementary pupils in Kalinga need changes for the better. Findings revealed a low parental involvement in the purchasing patterns of the pupils; in addition there were fewer discussions about expenses and purchases between the parents and their child/en.  Alarmingly, results showed that there were already indebted practices among the pupils and it is at high percentage.

Keywords: Money literacy, savings, spending and purchasing  pattern,Elementary school pupils in Kalinga,  survey questionnaire

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