Paulino P. Reyes II, Florentina B. Carbonel, Ernesto Jr. C. Sayson, Lamberto Jr. E Guzman


The study determined the extent of the satisfaction of the student- respondents in the school canteen and food establishments in terms of staff services, physical facilities/ambience, and food. It adopted the descriptive method of research since itstressed on present conditions of service satisfaction of the canteen and food establishments in the vicinity of Kalinga State University. It resulted that it  needs to provide proper training for canteen staff, equipmentlacks in the canteen or the food establishment. There are some of these equipment that are not maximized for utilization, others are worn out due to lack of care and improper usage.The respondents found that most of the foods served are delicious nutritious, and affordable.The services given were adequate since the food establishments and canteen officials and staff are doing their assigned roles.

The management and planning of food establishments and canteen’s staff need more effort towards its affectivity and success. Effective management has something to do with professional development that should be undertaken by anyone who wants to lead a group or a department.


Keywords: Assessment, canteen sercices, food establishment, descriptive method, Kalinga State University

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