Ronald U. Wacas, Mathew Jun P. Mariani


This research determined the satisfactory level of SME’s on the use of Inventory System and Point Sale Service (POS) in Tabuk City in terms of its efficacy, reliability and accuracy in order to come up with a standardized and quality software. The study showed that the respondents were satisfied as revealed by the system’s efficacy having a general weighted mean of 3.0, reliability weighted mean at 3.05 and accuracy at 3.21. As to respondents’ profile, a quite bigger number of them are cashiers with 47.4%, 21% are owners and 31.6% are managers. For enterprise classification, most of the enterprises are classified as small with 52.6% while 47.4% are medium. And as to the length of years in operation, 52.6% fall in the 6-10 years bracket, 26.3% are 5 years and below and 21.1% are 11 years and above. The respondents’ profile on the significant difference in the Efficacy, Reliability and Accuracy of Inventory System and POS revealed that, when grouped according to position, the F-value is 0.683 with a probability value of 0.519, for enterprise classification the t-value is 1.041 with a probability value of 0.312. And for years in business the f-value is 1.685 with a probability of 0.217. There are no significant difference on the efficacy, reliability and accuracy of inventory system and POS for SMEs when grouped according to position, enterprise classification and years in business.

 Keywords: Point of sale, inventory, reliability, efficacy, accuracy, enterprise


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