Amado P. Imperl Romualdo U. Wacas, Rex M. Duclayan


This paper solicited feedback from client-farmers regarding the services and assistance provided by the National Irrigation Administration – Kalinga Irrigation Management Office (NIA-KIMO). It evaluated the level of satisfaction of farmers on the services provided by the Kalinga Irrigation management Office and recommend the identification and development of new management innovations to strengthen and improve the services of the delivering office.The study made used of a survey form prepared by the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Central Office, Diliman, Quezon City in compliance with the agency’s Performance Agreement Negotiation (PAN) commitment with the Governance for Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations (GCG).The agency was evaluated by a total of 252 farmer-respondents randomly selected from the different irrigators association Generally, the farmer-respondents are satisfied with the services of NIA-KIMO with a total average weighted mean of their responses of 3.92 while 97.62 percent which constitutes 246 of the farmer respondents acknowledged that they are aware of the impending Irrigation Management Transfer program of the government.The services of NIA-KIMO may be satisfactory on the part of the farmers; however, a number of problems need to be seriously addressed by the agency such as the construction and improvement of irrigation infrastructures and conduct of trainings in relation to irrigation management for the benefit of the farmers.

 Keywords: Farmers’ satisfaction, irrigation system, Irrigation Management Office, Kalinga

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