Jessie Grace M. Sannadan, Desiree L. Sumedca, Pinky Larcelle D. Lang-ay


This study intended to trace the 2014-2017 Bachelor of Arts in History graduates from their school of origin to their place of employment or self-employment to obtain the needed information. It also determined the reasons for taking the course. The data collected were carefully tabulated, organized, analyzed and interpreted using frequency and percentages. The Weighted Mean is used to describe the responses along professional skills of the graduates.

The study determined that the top three reasons for taking the course are good grades in the subject area in high school, affordable to the family, and interest in the course. Revealed that problem solving/research is the top professional skill, good grades in high school is the number one reason for enrolling the course, recommendation by someone is the primary source of job opportunities, salaries and benefits is the number one reason for staying on the job and family concerns is the major reason for unemployment. The study recommends that On the Job Training in organizations/ agencies related to the BA History course should be arranged for graduates so that they can gain relevant work experience. Moreover, the code of professional ethics should be incorporated in the curriculum to develop sound work ethics, values and professionalism among the graduates in preparation for their integration to mainstream society. The curriculum planning and development in higher education should also place greater emphasis on multiple and practical skills acquisition or practice oriented study.

KEYWORDS: Tracer Study, BA History graduates, KSU

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