Karen Razelle M. Duyan


This study assessed the levels of entrepreneurial competencies of members of the INREMP People’s Organization of DENR Kalinga to determine which personal entrepreneurial competencies they excel and which needs improvement and to recommend how to enhance their level of personal entrepreneurial competencies for them to be competitive. There are 27 respondents in this research activity representing 3 officers/ members of each of the 9 partner People’s Organization of the INREM Project in the province of Kalinga whose Project Proposal has been endorsed by the DTI for its implementation. A self-scoring personal entrepreneurial competency (PEC) which uses 55 items to measure ten personal entrepreneurial competencies survey questionnaire was used as the main data gathering instrument, adapted from the original by Management Systems International and McBer and Company, cited by Azarcon, Ernie Roy S. (2008). Findings of the study revealed that they have a moderate level of personal entrepreneurial competency. This means there is an opportunity for them to enhance further their personal entrepreneurial competencies by utilizing and taking seriously the training and seminars that will be provided by the Kalinga State University. The respondents obtained the highest score in Goal Setting and in Information Seeking and the least scores in Commitment to Work Contract, Systematic Planning and Monitoring and Risk Taking. It is recommended that Kalinga State University should  review the training designs  and come up with a program that will urge  entrepreneurship and support  greater action learning, the university could encourage the INREMP People’s Organization, to work out detailed plans  that are designed to simulate actual world current circumstances and motivate them to coordinate trips and interviews  to small medium enterprises owners , forums or symposia, trade fairs and exhibits that will develop their abilities as entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Entrepreneurial Competencies, INREMP, DTI, DENR, Livelihood Enhancement Support, People’s Organization

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