Julienne S. Leyaley


This research sought to attain the following objectives; to determine the level of implementation of Police Community Relation Programs in Barangay Agbannawag and Bulo of Tabuk City and to determine the level of effectiveness of the Police Community Relation Program in Barangays Agbannawag and Bulo, Tabuk City. Based from the findings of the study the PNP- Police Community Relation Programs of Agbannawag and Bulo, Tabuk City are found to be highly implemented in providing assistance to the community. In terms of efficiency, the community is contented on the programs given by the Police Community Relation Programs. In the light of the findings and conclusions, the researcher recommends the following: The PNP -Police Relation (PCR) may forge a MOA with the Bureau of Fire Protection for them to conduct education campaign on fire prevention. There should be an equal distribution on the implementation of PCR programs in each Barangay within the City so that all will be aware of the said Police Community Relation Programs. The PNP-PCR may continue promoting their programs to improve every Barangay.

 Keywords: Police Community Relations, Community assistance and development Programs.

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