Julienne S. Leyaley


This study looked into the Traffic condition and Management of Tabuk City; it sought answers to the following objectives: Determine the volume and classification of violations of traffic rules. Recommend measures for the solution of traffic violations. The researcher used the descriptive method in the conduct of this study. The questionnaire that was lifted from the prohibited acts of the Land Transportation Code of the Philippines (R.A 4136) was used in gathering data for study. The respondents of the study were the LTO, PNP, and POSO. Records scrutiny of the above respondents is on the covered period under study. Based on the data gathered in the study, Certificate of registration and official receipt not carried are the most violated ordinances are recorded by the Land Transportation Office, POSO and PNP. It is observe that they recommend trainings and seminar for all drivers in Tabuk City for them to be educated and be aware on the Rules and Regulation of Traffic in Tabuk City. In the light of the findings and conclusions, the researcher recommends the following: The result of the study may serve as benchmark for policy making by local legislations of Tabuk City. The City Ordinance maybe strictly implemented. There may be lectures or seminars for all drivers in Tabuk City regarding Code of Ethics to enlighten them about the importance of life.

Keywords: Traffic Management, Traffic Condition, Traffic Volume and classification of violations of traffic rules.

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