Eve Joy C. Sulca, Annie Naag, Florentina Carbonel, Geraldine Liwaliw, Isiah Patong, Marilyn Tombali, Marlita Quesada, Nellie Apatas, Remalyn Bulalet, Teodifel Lao-aten, Florentina Carbonel, Tules P. Banwa


Dissemination of vision and mission clientele is necessary for the understanding and acceptance for internalization and eventual realization. This study determined the level of awareness and acceptability of the different stakeholders of the College of Health and Natural Sciences and the source of information for the school vision and mission. The structured questionnaire was used in gathering data and analyzed using the total weighted mean. Results show that respondents are very aware and accepted very much Ilokano versions of KSU vision and missions compared to the moderate awareness and acceptance of the English versions. The commonly identified sources of KSU vision and mission include leaflets and flyers, billboard; part of invitation programs, extension and flag ceremonies. This study shows the importance of translating school vision and mission into local dialects for dissemination and increasing awareness and acceptance.

 Keywords: Awareness, Acceptability, Vision and Mission

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