Rafael J. Padre, Gerlie T. Soriano, Pomy A. Viloria


This study demonstrated that rainfall probability analysis for cropping pattern and farm operations scheduling was projected to have a  positive impact on farm productivity and income. It analyzed the probability of rainfall for farming operations scheduling and cropping systems selection. A thirty (30) year rainfall data from year 1986 to year 2016 was carried out in the analysis. The frequency curve was established and the goodness of fit of the rainfall data was tested thru Log Normal Distribution Method.

Result showed that the   magnitude of weekly rainfall  at  80% probability     of occurrence was highest on the month  of  August with  24.6 mm  and lowest  on  the month of  February with 1 mm weekly rainfall.  Based  on the  results,  the best  designed cropping patterns  in terms of income benefit  projected to be those with vegetable crops that provide relatively high income like  tomatoes and eggplant.

Keywords: rainfall probability, support tool, farm operations, cropping systems, upland areas, Kalinga


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