Irene M. Daguasi


The Anti-bullying Act of 2013 was passed and implemented to address the elevating cases of bullying in the country. This study aims to investigate the prevalence of bullying after six years of implementation of the said law. This looked into the prevalence of bullying victimization and perpetration in the city of Tabuk. It involved 113 elementary pupils from the various elementary schools in the city's urban and rural areas. The children's self–report revealed that the prevalence of bullying victimization is higher than bullying perpetration. Also, it was found out that females are more likely to be victimized than male pupils. Among the forms of bullying, verbal bullying turned out to be the most frequently committed and experienced. These findings show that bullying is still prevalent in schools despite the implementation of the law and the creation of the Child Protection Committee. The study results suggest an evaluation of the prevention and intervention programs of the different elementary schools to look into their effectiveness in addressing the problem. Also, teachers may be equipped to detect signs of bullying in school that could not be reported by the victim because of fear.

Keywords: Bullying Victimization, Bullying Perpetration, Verbal Bullying, Prevalence, Verbal Bullying

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