Mary Grace Baddongen Malawis-Ignacio


Risk behaviors play a very significant role in health and social problems among adolescents. This study intended to determine behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence; and alcohol and marijuana use. The data on this were gathered from 133 randomly selected high school students in Tabuk City.  It made use of a descriptive research design where data was collected through a questionnaire lifted from the 2017 Standard High School Youth Risk Behaviour Survey of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The result of the study revealed the following significant findings: 52.63% student-participants were physically attacked, most (55.71) of them were female; 44.36% student-participants were in physical fights, most (55.93%) of them were female; 33.08% student-participants were seriously injured, most (59.09%) of them were females; a limited number of student-participants admitted having carried weapon, most were males; carrying a weapon on school property is also not common with 14.29% prevalence; students who had not gone to school because of safety concerns was low with 20.30% only; and, there was 33.08% who dated or went out with someone who had been forced to do sexual things they did not want to by someone they were dating or going out. A minimal number of student-participants admitted using alcohol and marijuana.

 Keywords: Risk Behaviors, Marijuana, Alcohol, High School, Sexual Things

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