Genalyn A. Ferrer


The study analyzed the errors committed by the grade 8 students when working with the operations of Algebraic Expressions at KSU - LHS for SY (2018-2019). The study used the qualitative descriptive type research method which consisted of 135 students. The data were gathered through a series of tests and were properly analyzed. The common errors committed by the respondents when working with algebraic expressions were improper combination of terms, improper distribution, and cancellation, removing symbols of inclusions and sign errors. The students commonly commit errors on the following operations: Division, Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication.

When working on algebraic expressions, the respondents find improper combining of similar terms and improper distribution as the most difficult and sign errors as the least. The students recognized division as the most difficult operation to handle when manipulating algebraic expressions. Adjacent to division are subtraction and addition respectively. The students consider multiplication as the easiest operation to perform when dealing with algebraic expressions.

Thus, homework should be given to students to supplement and extend learning from the classroom to their home. Motivations should be given to students to utilize the library as an extension of the classroom. Mathematics teachers must develop the habit of giving a diagnostic test before a topic to determine the weak points of the students.

Keywords: Error analysis, operations of algebraic expressions, grade 8 students, KSU-Laboratoty High School

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